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Wooden Cutting Boards

Wooden cutting boards, with the right knowledge, can be a fun one day woodworking project and offer a lifetime of enjoyment. They only use a small amount of scrap wood, and can be inlaid with even smaller scraps to add your own personality.

Cutting boards can be made out of marble, granite, glass, plastic or corian but there are a few distinct advantages and specific care features if you go with making it out of wood. Wood cutting boards are designed to be used, so we must always consider the functional aspects of this woodworking project:

Advantages of a Wooden Cutting Board:

  • much easier on the sharp edge of your knife. Harder surfaces like stone, plastic or glass can do significant damage to the tool steel.

  • some research suggests that wood can be sanitized more effectively than plastic. Where the latter suffers from cut lines during extended use that tend to harbour germs, wood has somewhat of a self healing ability on exposure to moisture that limits the amount of bacteria absorption.

    NOTE: this does not suggest bypassing approapriate sanitation procedures.

  • esthetically pleasing

I'm hoping this offers enough justification to get you rolling making a wooden cutting board. It gives us woodworkers something to do with our maple offcuts, and there's nothing nicer than a handmade gift.

Some Issues to Consider..:

  • must select an effective water proof glue.

  • must pick the right woods to create a sanitary wood surface

  • understanding and following good wood seasoning and sealing techniques are essential. Not a woodworker's issue, but you would certainly want to provide this information to the recipient. With all the recent conversations about e-coli and such, you certainly don't want to turn a gift into a death trap.

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