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Exotic Woods:
..Ebony, black
..Ebony, macasar
..Pau Amarello
..S.Amer.Woods: #1
..S.Amer.Woods: #2
..Spanish Cedar

..Turning Squares
..Sale Items: #1
..Sale Items:#2

Figured Woods:
..Big Leaf Maple Burl
..BirdsEye Maple
..Curly Soft Maple
..Intarsia Woods
..Spalted Wood

..Ash, white & black
..Basswood, planks
..Basswood Blocks
..Black Cherry
..Maple,hard & soft
..Red Oak
..Sale Items

..White Pine
..Eastern White Cedar

..Wood Burning Slabs

..Hardwoods & Softwoods

Clearance Items:
..Wooden Toy Parts

All About Wood...

..Cocobolo Wood
..Eastern White Pine
..Gaboon Ebony
..Hickory Wood
..Macassar Ebony
..Pau Amarello
..Red Oak
..Spanish Cedar
..Western Red Cedar

..Spalted Wood
..Wood Toxicity

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balsa wood Balsa wood is a soft textured beige/grey wood (occasional grey streaks), with very little grain. It is soft enough that thin strips can be snapped easily and carvers need nothing more sophisticated than a pocket knife.

Greatest strength to weight ratio of all commercially available species, which explains its extensive use in model aircrafts. Ideally suited for balsa wood gliders & towers, rc model building and architectural mock-ups.

Balsa wood is a great craftwood for children to work with, since it is soft enough to be carved by hand or cut with a small hand saw. Jan 2007