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Wood Burning Pen:
Clean the tips of your wood burning pen: extends life & improves quality or your work!

There are a number of different ways to clean the tips of your wood burning pen:

  1. If you use sandpaper to clean the carbon off of your pyrography tools on an ongoing basis, you can find that the abrasive nature of the sandpaper wears away the pen tip faster than expected.
  2. If you prefer to crank up the temperature to burn off the carbon build up you'll also find the life expenctancy of your tips is reduced. The higher heat going through a relatively fine piece of metal is more inclined to burn out the circuitry.

So what are you suppose to do?

Try using a jeweller's rouge (like a lapidary polishing compound) as a better solution. You'll find it is less abrasive, thus slower to use, but equally effective, and does not file away your delicate tips.

The coarser green rouge is great for daily cleaning and the finer red for a finished polish. Polishing to a good shine will delay carbon build up during use.

Acidic woods like oak will have a greater tendency to corrode the tips. Polishing helps to eliminate the pit marks and makes the carbon less able to adhere to the wood burning pen tips .

remember: carbon is not a good power conductor, so keeping your tips clean will give more consistent results. A clean tip allows the heat to travel more consistently to all parts of the tip.

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