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Wood Burning Craft Techniques:
11 Tips for Successful Wood Burning. Craft like a Pro.

  1. Watch where you grab and put down your pyrography pen. It can cause quite a burn. Use your pen holder at all times to avoid damaging your work desk and your body.
  2. Don't grab your tool too tightly. This will help to avoid cramps and allow your hand to move more smoothly as you follow the lines of your pattern. A floating action across your work will give more consistent even lines and avoid issues of tendinitis if your wood burning becomes addictive.
  3. Use a practice board first before you try a new species of wood, a new tip or a new stroke. Play with the temperature before burning craft wood that you are unfamiliar with... each wood species has a different density, thus requiring different amounts of heat.
  4. Always draw the pen towards you and rest your wrist on the wood to keep your hand steady.
  5. Move your wood to the best possible position, for each stroke. It only takes a minute and will improve your final product significantly.
  6. If you are heavily burning large areas, burn lightly first, then gradually progress to darker shades, until the values (darks & lights) appear correct in the overall picture. You can always make anything darker but never lighter.
  7. Use an exhaust fan with a carbon filter, to remove smoke during heavy burning. Some woods can give off a fume that irritates the lungs.
  8. Clean your wood burning pens. Use fine sandpaper or polishing compound every hour or so to lightly scrape and remove the excess carbon that tends to build up on your pen tip.
  9. Don't forget to sand off any trace lines that remain visible, after all burning has been finished. Only then seal your wood and apply the final finish. Pencil lines will be accentuated when you apply a finish.
  10. Protect your power unit from moisture damage and never use it for other tools. It is designed for very low voltages.
  11. Switch off burning unit when not in use to avoid fire hazard.

Good Wood Burning Craft Techniques will increase your accuracy and enjoyment or pyrography woodworking.

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