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Wood Burning Pattern:
Transferring your wood burning pattern easily to your wood!

Using Carbon Paper
The traditional method would be using carbon paper. Position the pattern on your wood, lift the end and slip carbon paper underneath. Tape both the pattern and the carbon in place and then begin to trace your pattern with a fine ball tipped pen.

Do not press too hard or you will dent softer woods, and tear your pattern along the pen lines. It is recommended that you use a copy of your pattern, since you never know when you'll want to make another.

If you use a coloured pen, it will show up better on the pattern and be easier to see what you have done so far.

Don't forget that coloured carbon paper (ie. white or yellow) is available for working on woods like walnut and other dark species.

See the "Scrollsaw-Pattern Transfer" section for other innovative ideas on how to trace your pattern onto your work surface without actually having to trace it....

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