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 HOME WOOD LIBRARY Exotic Wood: Bloodwood

Exotic Wood- Bloodwood

Exotic Wood:Bloodwood - Endgrain

exotic wood- BloodwoodBloodwood is sometimes referred to as satine or cardinal wood, for its obvious beautiful deep rose colour. With age it's colour does darken, but not significantly so it is a great wood to use in intarsia projects, pool cues, bloodwood humidors and jewelry boxes, and occasionally the jewelry that goes inside.

I've had a few customers even use this exotic bloodwood lumber for guitar bodies but usually laminated to a lighter wood on the back to keep the weight down.

The Tree:(Brosimum paraense)

Wood Description:

The wood is very dense, with a tight fine, mostly linear grain. It is relatively difficult to plane without good equipment as it can have a tendency to tear out if your blades are not sharp.

Bloodwood wood can have a tendency to warp especially if resawing thin boards. I've not found bloodwood to be the most stable wood I've used, even once it has been dried properly, so if you are thinking of resawing any material, remember not to leave it around without weighing it down, or you'll come back in the morning and it will be twisted. Once it is locked into position say in the panel of a jewelry box, you rarely have trouble.

Weight: 24 lbs. Per cubic foot.

Bloodwood wood is relatively easy to finishes with no oils or sap pockets that I've come across. Takes on a beautiful shine with limited effort. The grain is so tight that you can get a jewelry finish with polishing up to 1000 grit.

Machines moderately well. Very directional when planing. It sands easily, into very fine particles, to a glass like finish, as long as you use quality sandpaper, and take the time to work down the grit sizes ... well worth the work..

As with most very dense exotic woods bloodwood is best to mill just prior to glue up to get the best possible conditions for bonding. Using a water proof PVA glue with its extra holding power is not such a bad idea .. something like a Titebond III or Helmitin 805.. both handle exactly the same as a standard wood glue but of better quality and strength for difficult woods like bloodwood.

THE APPALACHIAN DULCIMER: here's some interesting pictures of a fellow making an appalachian dulcimer with a bloodwood fretboard.

And I thought I had heard-seen it all until I checked out this fellows site that actually makes exotic bloodwood circuit boards, just because he thought it would be kind of cool. Seems like kind of a waste of such a beautiful wood, but I guess each to their own.....


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