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Scroll Saws
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..Blade Basics
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..Cutting Multiples
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..Scroll Saw Safety Rules

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Scroll Saw Help
scroll saw tips to extend the life of your body and the scroll saw

Care & Set Up
Always read your tool's instruction manual first and follow their guidelines, for proper setup and maintenance. Follow their lubrication guidelines religiously. .......Here are a few extras.

Machine Setup:
Often we hear stories about how noisy or how much vibration a particular tool generates, only to find out that it is walking around the floor. It is very important that the scrollsaw is held firmly in place, one way or the other. Screw it down to a bench, or mount it on a stand that is heavy enough to hold it in place. It is both dangerous and hard on your tools to let it float.

Table top:
Wax your table with a good, furniture grade paste wax. If there are burs or sharp metal edges, sand with a very fine emery cloth first. This will make all your work slide more easily, as you rotate your wood through tight corners. This will also help to prevent rusting of your table surface. Don't use your table as a bookshelf!!

Table Insert:
If you have a separate insert where the blade travels, it often gets caved in with continuous usage. If this is the case, it can cause your pieces of wood to not sit flat on the table and make for difficult cutting. Either cut yourself a new insert if possible or take an new board, cut into the centre with the blade, and clamp this board onto the original steel table. It can be replaced as needed.

Vibration:Often this can be caused by wear in the arm pivots, rather than incorrect blade tension. Take the blade out, and see how easily the arm moves left to right. If there is a lot of blade movement, check your manual or ask your supplier whether there is a way to adjust this, or a part that can be replaced. The sooner this is fixed, the longer your machine will last.

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