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Scroll Saws
..Basic Description & Use
..Best Scroll Saw?
..Set Up & Care
..Blade Basics
..Scroll Saw Blade Guide
..Blade Tension & Misc.
..Basic Cutting Skills
..Pattern Transferring
..Cutting Multiples
..Cutting Plexiglass
..Scroll Saw Safety Rules

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  HOME TECHNIQUES Scrollsawing

for Versatile Free Hand Cutting Scrollsaws are ideal!

Scroll saws are probably one of the first woodworking tools a small crafter invests in. Its portable, and doesn't take too much space if you are working out of your back bedroom. You can take it out of the box and start playing right away without too much knowledge or experience necessary. That being said a few tips might improve your accuracy and make the woodworking experience more enjoyable...

Scroll Saw Basics: is a general outline of the two main types of scrollsaws on the market today.

Best Scroll Saw? Have a look at what features are typical or not so typical, and figure out what is right for you. What features do you need, and what ones are a waste of money?

Scroll Saw Help to set up your machine for smooth cutting and improved accuracy, how to wax the table, importance of bolting it to the floor, making your own table top and a few scroll saw tips on dealing with vibration.

Scroll Saw Blades:
As with any woodworking machinery, the tooling is probably more important in many ways then the actually machinery. It is important to understand the Blade Basics that encourage to successful use of a scroll saw, which scroll saw blade to use. Further to that we have added a little information on how to tension a scrollsaw blade correctly.

Scroll Saw Techniques: A few thoughts on how to improve your accuracy with good scroll saw cutting techniques.

Pattern Transferring: What's the best way to transfer your pattern to the wood without having to painstakingly trace every line.

Cutting Multiples: All about cutting multiple pieces at the same time.

Cutting Plexiglas: How to keep it cool and prevent buildup on the cut line

.. and of course we have to always include a small lecture on Scroll Saw Safety Rules.


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