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  HOME TECHNIQUES INTARSIA Cutting Your Intarsia Pieces

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Intarsia: Fitting Your Pieces

Deburr the back of all your pieces, by flat sanding either by hand or with a belt sander.

Mark a reference number on the back of each piece. It is easy to flip pieces over and then have difficulty trying to figure out where each piece belongs, and which way up it goes.

Use your bandsaw or scrollsaw to trim any obvious departures from the intended cut line. (back feeding into the blade, can help you to use a bandsaw more like a file for trimming small amounts of wood) You can use a stationary belt sander for this as well, but you must be very careful not to sand out of square.

Layout all your pieces on the original pattern and mark with a pencil the locations that still need to be adjusted. Sand or trim as needed.

Always check the fit, by laying your pieces on a flat table, not in your hands. Often the use of a light table will improve your accuracy. Lay your pattern and pieces ontop of the light table and it will be obvious what needs to be trimed.

Reassemble the pieces to make a final check for cutting accuracy. Check as well, that you like the colour and grain pattern of each piece. It is better to change it now then once it has been finished.

Now you are ready to shape your pieces...


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-intarsia patterns designed by the authors of this site...your purchase, supports our database of free information


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